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The MiMentor platform provides a holistic approach to coach education specifically for Coaches and Managers. We have collaborated with leaders in the industry to create the following courses which cover the four areas of the FA Four Corner Model; Technical and Tactical, Physical, Social and Psychological.
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The Art of Observation
In this course we look at the skills required to help coaches go from one that watches their team play, to one that observes and analyses what they do so that they can help them to improve, develop and grow in the right way.
The Power of 3v3
This course is an introduction to 3v3 football and shares the benefits of playing 3v3 in comparison to larger formats of football.
Mental Toughness: An Introduction
This free mini-course explores the fundamental principles of mental toughness, its importance on performance and the core pillars that underpin it.
World-class education right at your fingertips. MiMentor features a number of FREE introduction courses that cover topics from nutrition and sports psychology, to conditioning and decision making.

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