Coaching Teens (12-16)
Principles Of Play
£ 35.00
This course will give you a good understanding of both the attacking and defensive principles of play. We define each principle in isolation and use a variety of methods to bring each principle to life. We also provide a useful case study on how Leicester and Brendan Rogers use the principles of play to develop their playing philosophy.

This course is for coaches who want to develop their tactical knowledge and understanding of the game and to support in developing a playing identity/philosophy.

This course will cover:
The attacking and defensive principles of play
An example of how Leicester City use the principles of play to form a strategy
A chance to reflect and share your team's philosophy and principles with our expert mentor.
We hope you enjoy the course.
The Full-Back
£ 35.00
This course, created by our coach development mentor Jamie Godbold, is for coaches who want to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the full-back position.
Playing Out From The Back
£ 35.00
This course has been designed to give coaches further knowledge and expertise around Playing Out From The Back and will cover:
- An introduction to Playing Out From The Back
-Technical requirements required to encourage playing out from the back style and philosophy
-A breakdown of how teams can tactically advance from deeper areas
-Coaching session plans to develop playing out from the back for you to adapt and use
-A case study on Brighton & Hove Albion and their playing style.
Managing Match Day
£ 10.00
This course for football coaches and managers will give you some ideas, tips and resources to help you better manage your team's match day experience.
Coaching Emotional Development of a Youth Football Player
£ 30.00
This sports psychology course will explore the adolescent years of players, helping to develop a greater awareness and understanding of the developmental changes occurring during this period and provide some key considerations for coaches, support staff and parents.
Conditioning for Football - Starting
£ 20.00
In this module, we will look at the importance of ‘starting speed’ in the modern game. The ability to accelerate quickly to create or close space is fundamental to successful performance when we consider that the average sprint distance in the game is around 10-15m.
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
£ 30.00
No doubt you have heard the words ‘Emotional Intelligence’ being used within the sports coaching context over and over again.

Ask yourself, and be honest, how clear are you on what these words mean and whose Emotional Intelligence we are referring to? Yours as the coach? Your coaching staff and colleagues? Or the participants, players and athletes you coach?
Conditioning for Football - Sprinting
£ 20.00
With the modern game consisting of more and more high-intensity sprints, this course will identify ways to improve your player's top speed. The knowledge provided within the module will allow you to utilise the methods demonstrated to create a safe and progressive environment for your team.
Conditioning for Football - Strength
£ 20.00
In this course, we will be exploring the key ways in which strength training can improve football performance. We will be looking at how strength is a key physical quality which underpins many of the other physical attributes we are looking to develop in players.
Fuelling for Performance
£ 20.00
This course will help you fuel and maximise your player's performance, reduce the risk of injury and illness, optimise recovery and boost concentration. The emphasis of the course is on carbohydrates and the role they play in supporting and optimising performance.
A Short Guide To Practice Types
Our Coach Development Mentor Jamie Godbold takes you through four lessons giving you more detail about some of the fundamentals of coaching and practice design.

This will help to support coaches to understand various practice types and offers a variety of practice templates for you to utilise in your own coaching environment.
Conditioning - Structure & Philosophies
£ 20.00
This is the first module of the conditioning series and outlines the fundamental philosophies that all coaches should be aware of when planning and creating their season. It includes an overview of the series, as well as the philosophies of both Mark and Nick and the framework they recommend to maximise your teams physical capacity, from grassroots to professional soccer.
Developing the Self-Awareness of Your Players
In this free module, part of our Emotional Intelligence series, we delve into the area of self-awareness and how you as a coach can help your players to develop key skills on their own Emotional Intelligence journey.
The Art of Effective Communication
£ 30.00
Inevitably the difference between good coaches and excellent coaches is not how much they know about the sport, it is how well they communicate what they know and how well they help athletes learn, develop and improve their performance.
Creating an Identity
You need to know who you are and what you stand for if you are going to be successful as a coach. This course will help you to identify your key values and beliefs. It will allow you to put in place strong foundations in order to progress your career.
Maximising Intensity
This lesson will give you a free taster into the content within the course 'Conditioning for Football'. The taster includes two topics from the course 'Structure & Philosophy' which are 'Maximising Intensity' and 'Female Players' for you to work through.
Conditioning for Football - Stopping
£ 20.00
In this module, we will explore the importance of developing the ability to ‘stop’ efficiently. This deceleration ability is fundamental when trying to ‘press’ repeatedly high up the pitch to regain possession or to the ability to change direction effectively. Being able to stop efficiently is critical to the modern game.
Coaching Emotional Intelligence
£ 35.00
Emotional Intelligence, or EI, is the ability to identify, assess and manage your emotions, and the emotions of other individuals and groups. So, we are talking about your EI, specifically your Coaching EI.