Free Courses
Mental Toughness: An Introduction
This free mini-course explores the fundamental principles of mental toughness, its importance on performance and the core pillars that underpin it.
How To Mentor Soccer Coaches
Take a look at our free introduction to mentoring soccer coaches mini-course to give you some important tips and advice to better support the development of coaches you work with.
Understanding The Principles of Play
In this mini-course, we take a closer look at the fundamentals of football tactics - the Principles of Play, and consider the important coaching points for developing players.
Setting And Achieving Goals
In this course, you’ll understand more about the process of setting achievable goals for yourself as a coach, and for your team.

We'll also look at how to set goals that accurately reflect your purpose, and we'll look at tools you can use to track your team's progress.
Resilience In Football
In this course, we look at the topic of 'resilience' and some important areas that individuals, clubs and organisations can consider to support those they work with, and those that work for them, to help them enhance their resilience.
A Guide To Practice Types
Our Coach Development Mentor Jamie Godbold takes you through four lessons giving you more detail about some of the fundamentals of coaching and practice design.

This will help to support coaches to understand various practice types and offers a variety of practice templates for you to utilise in your own coaching environment.
Developing the Self-Awareness of Your Players
In this free module, part of our Emotional Intelligence series, we delve into the area of self-awareness and how you as a coach can help your players to develop key skills on their own Emotional Intelligence journey.
Maximising Intensity
This lesson will give you a free taster into the content within the course 'Conditioning for Football'. The taster includes two topics from the course 'Structure & Philosophy' which are 'Maximising Intensity' and 'Female Players' for you to work through.
Creating A Coaching Identity
You need to know who you are and what you stand for if you are going to be successful as a coach.

This course will help you to identify your key values and beliefs. It will allow you to put in place strong foundations in order to progress your career.