Technical & Tactical
Developing A Successful Team: The Transition To 7v7
This course is for coaches that coach or manage Under-9s and Under-10s teams and builds on the learnings from The New Coach course for those working at Under-7s and Under-8s level.

This in-depth course goes through nine lessons covering some of the most important aspects of coaching youth football:

🔹 Self-Reflection
🔹 Building On Your Coaching Philosophy
🔹 Formations
🔹 Developing Players
🔹 Developing Match Day Principles
🔹 Training: A Technical Guide

You'll also get useful downloadable tools to help you on your way:

✅ U9s-U10s Technical Guide
✅ Coaching Scheme of Work
✅ 30+ Coaching Sessions

Good luck!
The New Coach - Running Your Very First Team
This course will support new coaches entering the world of grassroots youth football and managing a team for the first time.

After completion of this course you have learned;

🔸 What current skills will help you as a coach.

🔸 How to create a coaching philosophy.

🔸 How to utilise your coaching philosophy in your sessions.

🔸 How to set up a team for a match and provide development challenges to the players.

🔸 How to manage parents' expectations and encourage their support in a positive way.

Included within this course you can download the following resources on the main course page on the Learning Platform, and within the relevant sections of the course:

🔸 Course Workbook

🔸 Technical Guide for U7s / U8s

🔸 Six-Week Session Plan: Dribbling

🔸 Match Day Planner Template

🔸 Growth Mindset Guide For Parents

Having purchased this course, you will also get access to our course updates, including videos, downloads and further Six-Week Session Plans.
Principles Of Play
This course will give you a good understanding of both the attacking and defensive principles of play. We define each principle in isolation and use various methods to bring each principle to life. We also provide a helpful case study on how Leicester and Brendan Rogers use the principles of play to develop their playing philosophy.

This course is for coaches who want to develop their tactical knowledge and understanding of the game and to support in developing a playing identity/philosophy.

This course will cover:
The attacking and defensive principles of play
An example of how Leicester City use the principles of play to form a strategy
A chance to reflect and share your team's philosophy and principles with our expert mentor.
We hope you enjoy the course.
Individual Player Development
This course will give you the knowledge around player profiling to support you through the 'Individual Player Development Process' with your players and enable you to become a more effective coach, designing and delivering more player-centred sessions.
Decision-Making in Football
In this course, we look at the underpinning science behind decision-making and help coaches understand how they can develop players to make better choices on the football pitch. The course boasts multiple video and coaching session designs that can be adapted and utilised within your coaching sessions.
Playing Out From The Back
This course has been designed to give coaches further knowledge and expertise around Playing Out From The Back and will cover:
- An introduction to Playing Out From The Back
-Technical requirements required to encourage playing out from the back style and philosophy
-A breakdown of how teams can tactically advance from deeper areas
-Coaching session plans to develop playing out from the back for you to adapt and use
-A case study on Brighton & Hove Albion and their playing style.
Understanding The Principles of Play
In this mini-course, we take a closer look at the fundamentals of football tactics - the Principles of Play, and consider the important coaching points for developing players.
The Full-Back
This course, created by our coach development mentor Jamie Godbold, is for coaches who want to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the full-back position.
The New Coach Technical Guide
This technical guide supports our New Coach course, and those coaches managing a team for the first time.
Plan, Prepare & Review
In this course, UEFA Pro Licence Coach Ben Garner looks at the fundamental skills and qualities of an organised and effective coach, sharing his philosophies and processes around planning, preparation and reviewing.
Designing Coaching Practices
Here are a few important things you as a coach should consider when creating and designing coaching practices for your players.

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Managing Match Day
This course for football coaches and managers will give you some ideas, tips and resources to help you better manage your team's match day experience.
The Power of 3v3
This course is an introduction to 3v3 football and shares the benefits of playing 3v3 in comparison to larger formats of football.
Finishing The Counter-Attack
How can we help players within our team develop composure and effective decision-making for fast, pressurised attacking situations?
The Art of Observation
In this course we look at the skills required to help coaches go from one that watches their team play, to one that observes and analyses what they do so that they can help them to improve, develop and grow in the right way.