The Environment
Reflective Practice: Getting Better At Getting Better
This course explores possibly the most important skill to getting better as a coach, which is the ability to critically reflect on how we do what we do so that we might do it differently and better in the future.
Building An Elite Culture
This course will give you an insight and understanding of how to build an elite culture to enhance athletic development utilising the knowledge and experiences of Grant Downie OBE.
The Art of Effective Communication
Inevitably the difference between good coaches and excellent coaches is not how much they know about the sport, it is how well they communicate what they know and how well they help athletes learn, develop and improve their performance.
Creating A Coaching Identity
You need to know who you are and what you stand for if you are going to be successful as a coach.

This course will help you to identify your key values and beliefs. It will allow you to put in place strong foundations in order to progress your career.
Coach Mentor Diploma - cohort 4
The course led by Sarah McQuade and Linda Low, from e.t.c coaching consultants, along with Ian Barker, runs over an 8-week period, comprising live and recorded webinars, online learning, forums, discussions and course assessment and diploma certification endorsed by United Soccer Coaches.
The Art Of Effective Communication
What makes a good football coach? It’s a question that most coaches have been asked on their journey and will also often ask themselves when reflecting on their performances and what they can do better.
Steve McClaren On Building A Culture
Former England national team manager Steve McClaren spoke to MiMentor about his most important consideration when arriving at a new club - building a culture.