Who Would Be A Goalkeeper?

It's a position that everyone wants to play in training, but no one wants to do in matches. 

Even less so once they get the feeling of conceding a goal in front of all their peers and parents.

It's also a position that is arguably the least supported in terms of training and development and one that they enjoy others whacking balls at them.

Unique Position

The position of the goalkeeper is the most unique on the football field.

Goalkeeping requires a different skillset from all the other team roles, and the position coaches know little about. It can result in needing to learn how to incorporate them within training sessions.

They are often the last thought when planning practices and sessions, other than just sticking them in goal in small-sided games or asking them to save a barrage of shots during shooting practices.

Goalkeepers can then feel isolated and overlooked, missing out on the essential training they need to excel and develop in their role.

Fear Not – MiMentor Is Here To Help!

We understand this challenge coaches face in incorporating goalkeepers into training sessions.

To address this, we've developed a series of practices that provide technical details for coaches and ensure goalkeepers receive targeted training within sessions that benefit the entire team.

Six Downloadable Coaching Sessions

Download the free sessions

Our free booklet offers six coaching sessions designed to integrate goalkeepers seamlessly into team training.

These sessions focus on specific aspects of goalkeeping, offering coaches insights into the unique needs of these players.

From refining handling skills to improving 1v1 skills, these sessions aim to create well-rounded goalkeepers integral to the team's success.

Benefits Beyond the Goal

Incorporating goalkeepers into team training goes beyond developing their individual skills.

These sessions have multiple outcomes that will benefit your squad.

By embracing a holistic approach that integrates goalkeepers into team sessions, you will support their development and enhance your team's overall performance!

Click the link below to download the free coaching sessions booklet (you'll need a free MiMentor account to access it).

Download Free Coaching Sessions
Integrating goalkeepers into your coaching sessions
Our free downloadable booklet offers six coaching sessions to integrate goalkeepers seamlessly into team training.
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