John Ackerley is our Coach Development Mentor

A highly experienced consultant with over twenty-six years of applied practise in the fields of education, coaching, mentoring and leadership within the context of sport, John is a qualified teacher, specialising in physical education.

He will draw on his extensive experience in education, coaching, mentoring and leadership within sports to deliver mentoring and leadership content for MiMentor, including the highly-successful Coach Mentor Diploma course.

John is also a higher education lecturer, teaching leadership and coaching and mentoring practise at Manchester Metropolitan University and elite coaching practise at Sheffield Hallam University to sports professionals and coaches.

He has a master’s degree in coaching and mentoring and works with numerous individual and team clients within corporate and elite sports performance organisations, including The Football Association, the Brazilian National Football Federation, Malawi Football Association and Denmark Football Association among others.

Underpinning John’s coaching and mentoring expertise is his experience as a professional sports coach and coach educator, holding a UEFA Level 4 coaching licence.

John has coached The England Partially Sighted National Football Squad to a world ranking of third and has also coached elite children between the ages of 8 and 18 within boys, girls and disability performance environments within the UK.

John believes in a growth mindset and the human drive for self-actualisation. He uses this belief to establish relational and engaging learning environments where individuals can grow and discover for themselves.

“The Diploma cohorts I have worked with so far have been delightful. It never ceases to amaze me how people can see the same thing in so many different ways, and that is because we all see things differently! They have been engaging and their level of experiences has added a richness that I have also learnt much from.”

John Ackerley

Follow John on Twitter @JohnAckerley8


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John Ackerley
Meet our Coach Mentor, John Ackerley.
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