Do you oversee coaches or help support the development of the workforce within your club?

While the development of players is often seen as the main focus for the coaches themselves, it is vital that they also keep growing and enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Sometimes the best development comes not from courses or seminars, but from the conversations, interactions, and observations of others.

Often, learning can take place in your own coaching environment, around the delivery of sessions on the training pitch, or planning and evaluating your work and the impact on your players.

Whether we realise it or not, at one point or another, most soccer coaches will have been either mentored or have been a mentor to others, whether on a one-off basis or receiving long-term support that has had a deep and meaningful effect on your growth.

So, as someone who supports coaches in their learning, how do you create this environment, and how do you arm yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to mentor your coaches?

Our Mentoring Soccer Coaches Diploma, in collaboration with United Soccer Coaches, could be the perfect opportunity for you to develop your understanding of mentoring and become even more effective at supporting others.

The new diploma course covers many different areas of mentoring to help you develop the necessary skills to support your coaches.

The course, which next begins on the 14th September, will be led by Sarah McQuade, our Coach Development Mentor with over 20 years of experience working in sports coach education. It will run on a limited cohort basis over an 8-week period, comprising live and recorded webinars, online learning, forums, discussions and course assessment and Diploma certification.

The Diploma course will explore the following areas of mentoring;

  • The concept of mentoring
  • The mentoring cycle
  • Building effective mentoring relationships with your coaches
  • Coach profiling
  • Professional development plans
  • Supported practice in the field
  • Monitoring and evaluating coach learning and development
  • The effectiveness of your coach mentoring relationships and identifying opportunities to enhance these

So, if your work involves supporting other coaches through their development and you would like to learn how to do this more effectively, join the latest intake on our Mentoring Soccer Coaches Diploma.

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Do you mentor other coaches?
Our all-new Mentoring Soccer Coaches Diploma, in collaboration with United Soccer Coaches, is the perfect opportunity for you to develop your understanding of mentoring and become even more effective at supporting others.
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