An Exclusive Q&A with Les Reed

1. What's your new role with MiMentor?

"As a consultant and Ambassador for MiMentor I will be helping to promote the platform within the professional game for the benefit of the whole game from grass roots to the highest level."

2. What was it about MiMentor that attracted you to the project?

"I have been in the football education business for many years, MiMentor provides an opportunity to bring great content to millions of football enthusiasts."

3. What are the primary objectives of the work you will be doing?

"That’s a simple one, to bring creative coaching, teaching and mentoring into the homes, clubs and minds off as many football participants as possible."

4. Who will you be looking to promote the MiMentor service to?

"Mostly clubs, federations and coaches."

5. How does your previous experiences from working in football as a manager and as a technical director, add value to the MiMentor service?

"That would really be for the recipients of the service to judge but my experience over many years has spanned almost every role in the football world, I have worked in Youth development, education, club football at the highest level and in International football as a coach and educator all around the globe. I would like others to benefit from my experiences and encourage the development of learning."

6. How do you feel the MiMentor content can support individual coaches?

"MiMentor will help to equip coaches with the tools, knowledge and guidance to learn in an effective and meaningful way and help guide them on a journey or career in one of the most rewarding activities in sport."

7. How do MiMentor differ from other coach based content platforms?

"MiMentor provide a well structured approach to Coach Development and learning that will give coaches real tools that work and resources that deliver real success."

8. What potential do you see for the future of MiMentor?

"The potential is huge, professional clubs produce content every day, coaches prepare sessions, discuss strategy and tactics and plan for really important matches. They implement a multi-disciplinary approach to high performance. This is real content; professionally applied in competitive situations. MiMentor provides a platform that clubs can utilise to deliver this content to coaches outside the club as well as for internal CPD programmes or as free content to the community coaches they support. Clubs could also deliver white labelled content all around the world and increase their fan base, followers and develop their brand to a global audience."

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Les Reed joins MiMentor
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